Uncovering the Difference between a Spa and a Medical Massage

Date Posted:7 May 2018

You might be wondering how a spa massage differs from a medical massage as both aim to provide comfort by applying pressure to the body.

While they both have some similarities, it’s important to appreciate the differences between the duo for your health and well-being.


Understanding Patient and Client Relationships

While a spa massage typically aims at providing a relaxing and therapeutic experience while offering you peace of mind, a medical massage focuses on providing relief of specific pain to patients. Your physician might have referred you to undergo a therapy session to ease the pain you are feeling in your body.


Targeting Your Needs with Particular Techniques

The technique used in both spa and medical massages differ significantly. During a spa visit, you enjoy a more basic and regular massage which focuses on providing relaxation. However, a medical massage will use more techniques and tactics including Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release to aid muscle recovery.


Proficiently Addressing Your Specific Conditions

Another factor that separates both types of massage is how the session is planned depending on the individuals’ needs. For instance, an athlete who has been injured while competing will receive different treatment than someone who has been in an accident. Each massage therapist will provide a different and specific treatment to ease the pain a patient is feeling.


Conclusion of Your Therapy for Healthy Benefits

There is a targeted plan during medical massage based on the health outcomes and includes a specific number of visits than an irregular spa massage. A medical massage is aimed to improve specific medical challenges you may be facing.  


Now, you have known the differences between medical and spa massage. Schedule an appointment with the expert to get an awesome experience based on your needs.