Treat these 4 Sports Injuries with a Massage Therapy

Date Posted:12 March 2018

All athletes know the pain and agony involved with pulling and straining muscles. Sometimes relief can come after a day or two, and other times, you can be confined to bed rest and sitting out the rest of the season.

Massage sessions can help you get back on the field quicker. There are various injuries that can be treated with massage therapy to help you get fit again and perform well on the field. Four of them are listed below:





Sprained Achilles Tendon- Your Achilles is located in the posterior leg and helps various movements. High adrenaline sports like basketball and running put enormous strain on the tendon and have a higher risk of injury. Professional masseurs have specific techniques that can help ease the pain in this area.


Ankle Sprain- When the ankle ligaments are stretched to their limit, it will cause not just pain, but also puts pressure on your lower leg muscles and causes a significant reduction in your bodily stability. You can wear an ankle support and visit a reputed massage therapist to get the right aid.


Broken Clavicle- When an athlete falls on his or side or with an outstretched hand, the pressure of the force affects the collarbone, causing injury or even breakages. If you have a broken clavicle, you will hear the clear and loud sound of snapping and popping. This is one of the most painful injuries there is, and it is impossible to get a massage until the bone repairs itself. However, once the bone mends, consulting a massage therapist is an incredible way to speed up recovery!


Neck Injuries- The neck helps in the movement of head and is very important for maintaining a healthy spine, so any neck injury should be treated as serious. Divers and football players are more likely to sustain this type of injury. Using a warm towel around the neck and upper shoulders can help ease tension, as can a remedial massage.



A massage can help aid recovery from a variety of sports-related injuries. It is also beneficial to treat other general problems, like shoulder injuries, tennis elbows, groin strains, and shin splints. Schedule an appointment with a reliable masseur today to get the right treatment for your situation.