Treat Insomnia and Sleep Better With a Massage

Date Posted:1 October 2018

Did you know sleep impacts each and every part of our lives, from work performance to long-term mental and physical health?


“While we are asleep, our body works to repair and rejuvenate the tissues.”


However, there are times when we don’t always have a great night’s sleep. While some of us may have difficulty falling asleep, others may have disturbed sleep patterns, suddenly waking at 2 am and having trouble getting back to sleep.



As we all know, a sound sleep is important for a healthy body. According to research gathered by the American Massage Therapy Association and endorsed by the National Institute of Health, “massage therapy can be a terrific solution for addressing insomnia.”


Massage has been shown to reduce fatigue and mental stress, allowing you to achieve a state of relaxation and help you fall asleep.


Research has shown that regular massage to treat insomnia not only reduces pain and anxiety but also increases relaxation, which can help restore your sleep pattern.


"When you are deprived of deep sleep, certain kinds of pain chemicals are released," explains Dr. Tiffany Field, director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine. But that changes with any kind of massage, whether for insomnia or increased flexibility or greater relaxation.


There is a release of serotonin, which is the body's natural production of anti-pain chemicals. Massage is very effective at increasing deep sleep."


The Touch Research Institute has found that “Arthritis patients report improved grip strength and greater range of motion after as little as one month of massage therapy.”


Getting a regular massage will not only improve your sleep cycle but also offer a number of health benefits. A soothing therapy helps improve posture, lower blood pressure, relax muscles, relieve headaches, eliminate stress, and more.


Other benefits of massage include improved posture, better circulation, and a stronger immune system. More great reasons to make massage therapy a regular part of living a healthier life.


Another research conducted by renowned professionals has shown that, “a body rubdown can bring stress levels down and ease pain. In fact, the people with low back pain who had 30 minute massage sessions twice a week reported a decrease in pain and fewer sleep disturbances.”


So, if you are having difficulty sleeping, adding a regular massage to your healthcare regime will help you relax and soothe your mind.