Things Your Masseuse Wants to Tell You About the Benefits of Massage

Date Posted:26 February 2018

Planning a massage today? Great! Experience deep and long lasting healing and relief throughout your entire body.

To provide you with maximum value and the most benefit, your masseuse wants you to know the following things:



Stay Hydrated- You should remain hydrated all day. Gulping liters of water before and after massage is not as effective as keeping your body hydrated regularly. So, drink plenty of water every day!


Diet and Nutrition Matter- Good nutritious food has a major impact on recovery once you receive different types of massages. Healthy nutrition can make deeper massages less painful and can aid help your body organs function more effectively.


Timing is Important- The timing of a massage has several impacts. For instance, a sports massage is more effective before partaking in a lot of physical activity and putting a great strain on the body. If you have a stressful time coming up, getting a great massage beforehand can make you feel more relaxed to tackle the situation. A massage can increase the blood flow to the brain, and raise serotonin levels for the optimum body functioning.


Regularity- Massage therapists recommend having massages to ease out the tension regularly, as opposed to building up tension in the body over years.


Communication is Key- Masseuses want to provide a massage that suits exactly what your body needs. This can be achieved with a clear communication. Tell your masseuse exactly which areas of your body you want them to focus on in order to release pain in all the right areas.


Understand that the Body is a Whole System- Many people undergo a massage session to get relief from the pain in a particular area. However, to completely alleviate the problem, it is essential to pay attention to the needs of the whole body also.


Not all Massage Therapists are the Same- Each massage therapist is different in their specialisations. It’s best to try different therapists and choose one that suits you and the requirements of your body.


These are some of the things every masseuse wants to share with you. Read and apply them to experience the deepest benefits of massage.