The Therapy Needed by All New Aussie Mums

Date Posted:2 April 2018

You might have heard about prenatal massage, but many people forget to mention the benefits of postpartum massage!

Postpartum bodywork can help restore the body’s condition and offers relief to many mums in Australia after labor. It helps women recover after delivery and can improve their physical and emotional health. It also offer numerous benefits, including:



Relaxation: Postpartum massage can help ease muscular strain. It also helps to stretch the back and balance the pelvic floor. Giving birth to a child is no cakewalk! A woman’s body becomes very delicate after delivery and can take a long time to fully recover. A massage can provide much needed comfort and a well-deserved break to new mothers.


Posture: After giving birth, your body’s ability to hold good basic posture can reduce due to overactive or stretched muscles. The professional human touch of massage can help restore postural imbalances and realign the pelvic floor.


Emotional strength: Massage therapy decreases stress levels and promotes the release of endorphins throughout the body. It is essential for a new mother to look after her mental health after giving birth, particularly given how little sleep she will be getting! Postpartum depression is surprisingly common and still so taboo. It is absolutely crucial to put aside some time every day to look after yourself and massage can be an incredible relief for some mummy-time!


Sleep: Labor in and of itself is fatiguing, but followed up with a newborn to take home, most mums are severely lacking in the sleep department! Postpartum massage will help with fatigue and promote relaxation to help young mums make the most of naptime.


Curative: Massage has proven beneficial for the entire body. Do you suffer from any of these?




Bodywork can be a huge help for a new mother in the restorative process. Just like in typical massage, postpartum bodywork helps eliminate excess fluids. It also eases bodily aches and can speed up the return to normal daily life!


So, get in touch with a reputed masseur who has a good experience in the post-natal field. Schedule an appointment today and experience the many encompassing benefits of postpartum massage.