The Gift of Massage Therapy

Date Posted:23 April 2018

Give the gift of good health this New Year to your loved one with a massage chair, massage voucher, or a spa gift card!

Massage feels good, really good. It soothes sore muscles, enhances the immune system and boosts the spirit. Give the gift of massage for new year’s to somebody who truely needs it to show you care - and treat yourself while you’re at it.


Massage therapy can offer a vast array of surprising benefits including:


1) It corrects our misaligned body structure

Most of us endure a form of postural stress and pain, typically manifesting in the shoulders and neck. Desk workers typically have pain or weakness in the lower back and glutes due to prolonged hours of sitting hunched over. A massage can neutralise the discomfort and potentially correct misalignment caused from extended sitting, thus, allowing you to keep your desk job.

2) It eases muscle pain

A massage can comfort your sore muscles by promoting blood circulation. A 2011 study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, found that massage therapy is as effective as other treatments for acute back pain. Sore muscles can hinder normal body functioning and creates trouble in doing daily activities, such as bending or walking. This therapeutic care can help in performing everyday activities without any hassles.

3) It can even reduce symptoms of depression

Human touch can be incredibly therapeutic and relaxing. A study shows that women diagnosed with breast cancer, experiencing massage therapy three times a week are less depressed and less angry. It can significantly reduce stress levels and boosts mood of individuals.

4) It improves sleep

Massage can even help in improving sleep! It also promotes relaxation and sleep to patients who are in the process of chemo or radiation therapy. Massage therapy also helps infants sleep more, cry less and as a result, they will be less stressed out.

5) It increases immunity

Massage boosts the white blood cell count that are helpful in defending the body from disease. Thus, it improves immunity and helps in fighting against diseases, and promoting overall body functioning.

6) It relieves headaches

A massage can significantly decrease the frequency and severity of headaches. A single session of this natural treatment can immediately provide relief to patients with chronic headaches.


Nothing is as important as your health. Experience the difference in your life today. Give the ultimate give of massage, and also treat yourself!