Relax With a Foot Reflexology Massage- The Physical and Physiological Health Benefits

Date Posted:12 November 2018

Your feet really work hard for you everyday- walking, running and exercising. Especially for those who have a standing job and spend a vast amount of time on their feet.

This can result in sore feet. Just like your back, neck and shoulders, the feet can also benefit from a regular massage. A foot massage can help improve circulation, reduce muscle tension and ease pain.



The human feet are believed to have specific reflex points which under stimulation can help the body heal itself. Foot massage is considered as an effective alternative medicine that is safe and will most likely benefit you.


If you are wondering how a foot massage will benefit you, here are a few things to know-


Help control blood pressure

Though there is no scientific evidence to claim that a foot massage will permanently cure high blood pressure, there is evidence to indicate that when performed regularly it can help lower your systolic blood pressure. Massage helps soothe stress and relaxes your body, resulting in keeping blood pressure under control.


Improve energy levels

As foot massage is believed to help enhance the functioning of organs, a number of people have reported improvements in their energy levels and metabolism. A regular massage will help improve the functioning of many accessory organs which boosts energy, helping you complete tasks efficiently.


Enhance blood circulation

One of the major benefits of foot massage is its ability to improve blood flow throughout the whole body. An improvement in blood circulation means more oxygenated blood is transferred to the cells that allows for a rapid recovery following a workout or injury.


Promote sleep

Insomnia or disturbed sleeping patterns is one of the major health issues that people are facing these days. A massage can help you sleep better. Massage helps improve the functioning of the nervous system and promotes the release of neurotransmitters that promote sleep and relaxation.


Treat migraine and headaches

More than a million people all over the world suffer from tension headaches and migraines. Prescription medications are a treatment but there is a need for natural therapy. Foot massage can help reduce the pain associated with migraines and also help to eliminate muscle tension. Lack of sleep is also a reason behind the occurrence of migraines and headaches.


Get a foot massage and experience a number of physical and physiological health benefits.