Relax with a Foot Massage - Relieve Pain, Improve Health, and Much More

Date Posted:10 September 2018

Our feet do a lot for us, including bearing our entire weight, yet they are often the most neglected organ of our body. A soothing foot massage is a perfect treat for sore feet.

Foot massage can work wonders! It helps reduce stress and soothes pain. Moreover, a massage can help improve your physical, mental, and emotional health.


Nowadays, massage is considered as an alternative therapy to alleviate stress, relieve pain, and boost health.

Here’s how a foot massage can benefit your health -

Relaxation and stress relief

A relaxing massage helps alleviate stress, soothe anxiety and bring emotional comfort. A 2013 research found, “a five to ten minute foot massage helps relax and reduce stress in critical care patients.”


Alleviate pain


A foot massage can help alleviate pain and soothe sore muscles. A study conducted by researchers from Indiana University School of Nursing published, “Post-operative patients reported a greater reduction in pain symptoms after a foot massage than those who were only on medication.”


A foot massage can also help reduce pain after a foot or ankle injury, while a regular massage can help prevent the occurrence of injuries.


Lower blood pressure


A relaxing foot massage can help improve blood circulation. High blood pressure is a common problem many people face and a foot massage is seen as a perfect therapy to lower blood pressure.


A research conducted by Spanish medical doctor and practitioner of reflexology, Dr. Jesus Manzanares found that patients who were suffering from high blood pressure showed improvement after a soothing foot massage.


Migraines and headaches


Sedentary lifestyles with little or no physical activity often result in mental stress and tension headaches. A foot massage can help relieve migraine pain and headaches.


The soothing rubdown helps soothe the mind and relieve the headache, alleviating mental stress and leaving you calm and relaxed.


Treat Insomnia


Many of us have difficulty falling asleep and suffer from insomnia. A soothing foot massage can immediately relieve stress and promote relaxation by attacking the physical symptoms.


Integrating a foot massage into your healthcare regime can help you experience a boost in your mental and physical health.