Pamper Yourself with Post-Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Date Posted:13 November 2017

Congratulations to all the new mummies for giving birth to their bundle of joy. Obviously, those nine months of pregnancy must have been challenging for you, but the real work begins now.

Labor and delivery is not a cakewalk, and most of the women go through tremendous discomfort in sleeping. The physical and emotional toll of carrying and delivering a baby can leave new mums feeling tired, frazzled and overwhelmed.


Therefore, for the recovery, it is best to undergo a postpartum massage. Sure, you must have heard about numerous benefits of prenatal massage, however a postpartum massage is just as significant. Think about it, labor is hard work! Post-pregnancy massage can aid your body recovery, boot out stress and help you to revitalise. It can offer you several benefits, including:

1. A greater quality sleep- A good night’s sleep becomes a dream of every new mummy. It’s a difficult task for some women to have a sound sleep after having a baby. And with most of the healthcare professionals focusing on the importance of a good sleep for better health, no one needs more sleep than a new mother. Postpartum massage can help them by reducing fatigue and promotes better sleep.

2. Easier breastfeeding- A postpartum massage can ease breast pain often related to nursing. It can also boost prolactin levels, a hormone responsible for the production of milk, making breastfeeding easier for you and great for your newborn baby.

3. Release postpartum swelling- Many new mums experience swelling after delivery, particularly in their feet and legs. Post-pregnancy massage can reduce swelling and ease pain. The professionals apply skillful hands to the muscles, thereby activating the lymphatic system, instigating the fluid to drain out naturally.

4. Stress relief- Having a baby is hard both emotionally and physically. It is a rollercoaster ride of different emotions. New mummies go through mood swings - feeling a mixture of happy, stressed, and anxious. Post-pregnancy massage can reduce stress and increase the endorphins in the body, a hormone responsible for making you feel good. It can also alleviate depression and the postpartum blues.

Final words

If you are a new mum or know a new mum, schedule a postpartum massage therapy session  ASAP, and maintain regularly to experience the diverse advantages. The professional massage therapists can provide you a comfortable environment and ensure you feel rejuvenated with their skillful hands on different areas of the body. Burst out stress and anxiety, and feel good with a massage session. Live every moment with your little bundle of joy by keeping yourself lively as well as fit and fine.