Is Deep Tissue Massage the Right Choice for You?

Date Posted:27 November 2017

Have you ever been in a situation where you get perplexed with the number of options available for you to have a good massage? The experts all claim their method is the best; Shiatsu, Hot stone, Swedish, the list goes on.

In such cases, it’s hard to decipher the difference between massage types, and figure out which will work best for your body.



This article is a great help for people who want to cut through the clutter, and go with a crowd-favourite, one of the most requested massage options - the deep tissue massage. Not sure if a deep tissue massage is the right choice for you?

During a deep tissue massage, the ultimate aim of the masseur is not just to provide relaxation to your body, but to actually penetrate the inner-muscle tissues that are rarely massaged. The professionals focus on the below important points when performing a professional deep tissue massage:

Scars- A deep tissue massage can repair not just a mark on your leg or other areas, but also can help to repair residual scar tissue from surgeries, injuries, or sprains.  When a muscle tears, the body repairs it by building the scar tissue. In comparison to the regular muscle, scar tissues are not so strong and a deep tissue massage can remove these scar tissues through strengthening and curing the damaged area.

Fascia- It is the membrane of collagen tissue that covers, separates, and encloses your muscles.  Healthy fascia is flexible and moves freely. But, if this tissue experiences strains or becomes inflamed, it can become inflexible and tight,therefore reducing body mobility. Professional massage therapists ensure your fascia is properly smoothed and lengthened for maintaining your body’s fluid flexibility.

Tension- Chronic tension is often a miserable cycle of stress and pain. A deep tissue massage can tackle the core of your tension-related pain. The experts release the bunched-up muscles in your shoulders, neck, and back, thus, breaking the never-ending pain cycle many of us live in today, daily.

Blood pressure- It is obvious that your massage therapist will not consciously work just to improve your blood pressure level, it’s an incredible benefit that happens as a side-effect of receiving a regular massage.. Deep tissue massage has been proven to lower the blood pressure and heart rate of the individuals. According to a 2008 study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, a deep tissue massage can lower systolic and diastolic pressure readings.

Final words

Deep tissue massage can offer tremendous benefits to heal and rejuvenate individuals, experience deep tissue massages to achieve a greater health and wellbeing every day!