How Massage Therapy Can Be Helpful for Patients with Fibromyalgia

Date Posted:19 February 2018

Fibromyalgia targets soft tissue and muscles, causing severe muscle pain, sleepless nights, low fatigue, and sore tender areas in the body. You can receive some comfort by managing stress, using appropriate medication and making some lifestyle changes.

In order to create a positive lifestyle change for yourself you should perform some physical activity, eat healthy nutritious food, and receive a massage regularly. Massage is a very effective pain management technique for patients with fibromyalgia.



There are different types of massage given to patients with fibromyalgia depending on their condition, including:


Swedish Massage

This massage style uses a combination of long strokes, friction and kneading massage techniques to stimulate blood circulation and provide relief from pain all over the body.


Deep-Tissue Massage

Masseuse therapists focus on applying pressure directly to the muscle that has the most tension. They do this by using their thumbs and elbows to reach the tension in the deepest layers of the muscles.


Neuromuscular Massage

This massage style combines shiatsu and acupressure with a deep-tissue massage to ease myofascial pain. This will also restore movement by stretching the muscle fibers.


Hot Stone Massage

This massage style aims at relaxing all the muscles in the body by placing hot stones on specific points along your back.


Sports Massage

Generally designed and used by professional sport athletes, it reduces the tension and stress for people who suffer from fibromyalgia. This particular massage technique will improve lymph flow, reduce blood pressure, enhance flexibility, increase blood circulation and alleviate fibromyalgia pain.


These are some of the best massage techniques given to patients with fibromyalgia. A massage therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat diverse health complications. Get in touch with a professional who has a good experience in providing massage to patients with fibromyalgia. Make sure you are open with the expert so that you can easily discuss your pain and discomfort with them.