How Massage Can Heal Chronic Illnesses

Date Posted:19 March 2018

Studies show that over one-third of adults experience chronic pain at some point in their lives. Chronic pain involves deep somatic and visceral tissues and can affect an individual’s ability to work and can create a feeling of stress and depression.

There are several treatments available to provide relief to patients with chronic pain. However, massage is one of the most preferred forms of pain relief after medication.

Massage can be a safe and effective way to relieve pain. Today, many hospitals, rehabilitation centers and other medical facilities are increasingly adopting massage to combat chronic pain. The experts examine and treat the root cause in order to alleviate chronic back pain, tension, and other issues. Massage is a preferred alternative for many as it does not involve any drugs or invasive medical procedures.

Massage therapy is shown to increase the release of endorphins, which is a stress burst hormone known to ease pain, stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression. Chronic pain is a heavy emotional weight and can take a severe toll on a person’s emotional and physical stamina. Massage can be an effective pain management tool to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and reduce dependence on medication.


In times of chronic pain, muscles contract, resulting in reduced movement and increased discomfort. When experiencing muscle tension, your muscles are receiving less oxygen and contributing to the accumulation of waste in the body. However, a massage can help stretch out muscles, and stimulate the nervous system to relax this tension.  

The cycle of pain and poor circulation builds up collagen fibers. Massage can increase blood circulation, rehydrate the body, and soften the contracted muscles and fascia, helping  “unglue” the fibers to which collagen has stuck.

A massage can relax the blood vessels and nervous system, while simultaneously increasing blood flow to flush away any waste products produced by tense muscles. With this improved circulation, healing nutrients and higher levels of oxygen are directed back to the muscle tissues.

Massage can improve bodily movement by increasing circulation, removing waste products, releasing trigger points, and stretching shortened or “glued” muscles. It can make you feel better by increasing energy levels and improving flexibility. This augmented feeling of happiness can offset the unwanted effects of stress.

A massage is a non-drug based solution for pain that can relieve chronic pain for many people around the world. So, get in touch with a professional masseur to begin treatments and alleviate your pain.