Having Trouble Sleeping? Massage Therapy Can Help!

Date Posted:18 June 2018

A good night’s sleep is vital to help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated for the next day. Inadequate sleep can affect your health both physically and psychologically. It hinders your concentration at work and affects your everyday activities.

According to Reader’s Digest- ‘Almost one in five people sleep less than 6 hours a night in Australia.’ Also, research has indicated that four percent of Australians use sleeping tablets.



Having trouble in falling asleep is termed as ‘Insomnia’.

Insomnia is defined as the difficulty of initiating, or maintaining sleep. Sufficient and deep sleep is a human necessity. When you get an adequate amount of sleep, it offers a number of health benefits such as-

  • Repair of internal organs and tissues
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Increased blood supply for muscle growth
  • Triggered hormone release, including growth hormone
  • Restored mental energy for daytime performance

Sleeping pills aren’t the right thing to treat insomnia. Long term intake of these prescription medicines can result in side effects. Massage could be a perfect natural therapy to treat insomnia. Treating yourself to a massage will soothe your mind and ease the pain, therefore promoting deep, deep sleep.

The National Institutes of Health has advised- “Massage therapy can reduce fatigue and improve sleep.” Also, the research conducted by the American Massage Therapy Association has shown that “Massage improves sleep in infants, children, adults and elderly alike as well as individuals suffering from health conditions such as cancer, heart disease, psychiatric disorders and breast diseases, etc.

Another Touch Research Institute study depicted- “Massage had similar sleep-enhancing results for people with lower back pain. They studied a group of people with lower back pain who received two 30-minute massage sessions a week for five weeks. These people felt less pain, anxiety, and depression, along with enhanced flexibility and more restful sleep.”

Here’s how massage can help in reducing symptoms of insomnia:

1. Helps relax the mind and body which reduces undue stress

2. Helps provide relief from stress, anxiety and depression

3. Eases body aches and pains

4. Promotes the release of neurotransmitters and serotonin which helps eliminate anxiety and depression.

Massage is easier access now than ever before. You don’t need to visit massage center anymore, you can now have something as easy as a home-visit massage therapist come and improve your life, one therapy session at a time.

Massage chairs are an effective solution to receive massages every single day, time after time. Some individuals are uncomfortable with a stranger touching them in such as intimate way, and a massage chair offers full-body relief from aches and pains that can in some circumstances be ruining people’s lives. A massage chair can help you regain your life, and be a more cost-effective solution to receiving daily massages.