Can Regular Massage Help You Lose Weight?

Date Posted:7 January 2019

Are you gaining weight? If the answer is yes, keep reading. If the answer is no, the below is definitely worth a read to ensure you are on the right track.

Your excessive weight can sometimes lead to health problems such as high cholesterol, poor heart health, the list is extensive.

Though losing weight can be hard, the results are worth it. Not necessarily the most effective, but the simplest and easiest way to lose weight (or assist in doing-so) is massage, especially if you are too lazy to commit to a regular workout routine (although it is recommended to work out as much as possible).

Massage is a great way to energise your body, unwind, de-stress and help work on specific muscles. But did you know it can help you lose inches on your waist? Yes, it seems too good to be true. However, it might just be that one extra thing that can help you shed those extra pounds. And, if you can combine massage with your exercise routine, the results will be above your expectations.  

Here’s how massage contributes to weight loss:

Boosts circulation

The massage movements stimulate the flow of blood flow and supplies the vital organs of the body with essential nutrients and minerals which help improve body’s metabolism.

When there is an increase in the flow of oxygenated blood carrying essential nutrients, it helps ensure that they reach the vital parts of body and improve overall body functioning.

Boosts muscle strength

For those who work out hard in the gym doing weight training, a massage will give you an extra boost in performance, endurance and recovery.

Massage therapy will help relax tired muscles after a high level of physical stress. Also, it helps maintain muscle flexibility and improve strength too, thus making you less prone to muscle injuries.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, body builder or an aspiring athlete, integrating a regular massage in your fitness regime will boost your muscle strength and help you reduce risk of injuries.

Fat reduction

The human body accumulates fat in capsule-like appendages known as fat cells. Studies show that massaging the area with excess fat can help burst the fat capsules, manipulating them ready for absorption inside the body.

Massage when combined with exercise and diet will help cut down high levels of excess fat in the body.

Improve body metabolism

An unbalanced diet, desk jobs and work stress can impact an individual’s metabolism, which can result in increased body weight and can leave you looking and feeling sluggish due to accumulation of fat in the body.

Research has found that massage helps improve body metabolism. A high body metabolism means that your body can burn up nutrients much quicker and will lead to reduced fat on the body.