Can Massage Help You Lose Weight?

Date Posted:15 October 2018

Losing weight can be hard but the results are always beneficial. A soothing massage is a great therapy to energize your body, unwind, distress and help work on specific muscles as part of physiotherapy or after a workout.

It strongly boosts your blood circulation, metabolism and help relax sore muscles after a workout.


But did you know it can help you lose weight?



The therapy can work wonders for the people who want to reduce weight. But massage alone doesn’t make weight loss occur. Combined with a workout routine, a massage can give boost to your weight loss program.

Here’s a list of benefits that a massage can provide-

  • Decrease stress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Eliminate back pain
  • Improve range of motion  
  • Better sleep
  • Low muscle soreness

By keeping your digestive system, circulation, and metabolism in good working order, a massage creates the perfect backdrop for you to lose weight.

Improve circulation and boost metabolism

Massage can get your blood circulation going. By aiding the flow of blood throughout your body, nutrient supply is maintained at optimal levels and tissue metabolism proceeds at a healthy pace. Connective tissue manipulation (CTM) is a special kind of massage where soft tissues are manipulated to improve circulation. When your metabolism is fast, you burn off calories better and make fitness regimen go further.

Improve digestive health

Massage helps improve the state of the digestive system by easing constipation and nausea. When your digestive system is in good shape, your body will be able to make the most of the nutrition it gets and help your weight-loss goals. You will also be able to sidestep the bloating or sluggishness that comes with these problems.

Supplement exercise

If you are using exercise as one of the tools to lose weight, a massage can be the perfect therapy. If you are someone who is seriously into fitness or exercise, you can benefit from massages. Specifically massage could lower muscle tension, reduce swelling, increase range of motion, decrease muscle stiffness and even prevent injury.

Keeping your digestive system, circulation, and metabolism in good working order, a massage gives a boost to your weight loss program.