5 Reasons Why Massage is a Need!

Date Posted:24 December 2018

Massage is much more than just a luxury. There is no denying that a massage is relaxing and feels good.

However, it’s not just a way to relax, massage offers a number of health benefits - alleviating muscle soreness after exercise, improving blood circulation and flow, as well as decreasing stress.



Physical pain and mental illness such as stress and anxiety can dramatically restrict lifestyle, affecting overall health and well-being. Research suggests that massage is the perfect solution to reduce physical pain, stress and anxiety.


Below are five reasons why massage isn’t just a luxury, but a need for many Australians.


Pain reduction

A 2011 study found that massage helped people with lower back pain. It helped them feel and function better as compared to people who didn’t get regular massage.


A meta-analysis of research on massage therapy for pain conducted by Samueli Institute in 2016 concluded- ‘massage therapy should be strongly recommended for pain management.’ The analysis reviewed 67 published studies on the impact of massage therapy on pain.


Also, massage therapy is commonly used to lessen pain among people with osteoarthritis.


Better sleep

As massage is already known for its calming and soothing results, also aids in getting a restful sleep at night. According to research from Miami University’s Touch Research Institute- “massage helps people spend more time in deep sleep, the restorative stage in which your body barely moves.”


The massage movements release tension in the muscles and relaxes the body which results in increased deep sleep time.


No more tension headaches

Tension headaches and migraines affect your productivity, both at home and work. A 2002 study found that ‘massage therapy reduced the frequency of chronic tension headaches.’ Regular massage will soothe the mind and enhance your ability to focus.


In a 1996 study, it was found that ‘a group of adults completed a series of math problems faster, and with more accuracy after spending 15 minutes in a massage chair.  


Ease cancer pains from treatment

Massage is a proven therapy for cancer patients. Studies have noted that some cancer patients experienced improved relaxation, sleep and immune system function as well as decreased fatigue, pain and anxiety after a massage session.


Alleviate depression symptoms

A 2010 review of the existing studies examining how massage helps people suffering from depression concluded that all the pieces of research noted positive effects.


Add a regular massage in your healthcare regime and experience a positive, healthy change in your body.